by Talia Hale   Winter’s cold draped over Almut like a thin blanket as she stepped gingerly through the snow. Even with the door shut behind her, she could still hear the festive music and drunken laughter inside. The massive yule log her father had chosen for the village was still roasting slowly away inside, … Continue reading Yule


by Talia Hale 1. He places the egg he’s found into her tiny hands, where it sits round and plump and blue like an opal. She is staring in awe, mouth agape. 2. “Be careful,” he tells her. “Be gentle. Let’s take it home.” His voice is hushed, as if a single overbearing syllable would crack … Continue reading Summer


by Talia Hale He found Soufte near the Great Oak, drawing long looping patterns into the dusty ground with a stick. Soufte was still young, but Karrick knew he would grow up to be an idiot. He couldn’t throw his spear more than a few lengths, he couldn’t read tracks, and he couldn’t even clean … Continue reading Soufte