by Sue Johnson   My last coin rolled under the silent refrigerator. I looked for something to push underneath. The wooden spatula, blue pen, and the kitchen scissors were too big to fit through the tiny gap. A length of white ribbon was too flimsy. I reached for the giant paperclip that held together the … Continue reading Paperclip

Helping Out

by Sue Johnson Emily made herself another cup of tea in the cramped kitchen. She switched on the lights. There had only been three customers in six hours. Two of them had come to collect reserved items, and the other was an old woman in rusty black who had come for her weekly browse. She’d … Continue reading Helping Out

Special Recipe

by Sue Johnson She called it Pumpkin Spiced Latte and they believed her. Anything up to two hundred people queued every day outside Winnie’s coffee shack. School kids, businessmen, art students, builders, ragamuffins and clowns waited their turn for a take-away carton of the magic brew. Nobody could actually say what the special ingredient was. … Continue reading Special Recipe


by Sue Johnson   Jenna sat on the edge of the flower-patterned armchair, watching her grandmother as she sipped her tea from the pink bone china cup. Her hair was in neat grey waves around her head. She looked like she'd never had a problem in her life. Jenna knew her mother had told her … Continue reading Herewith

Moving On

by Sue Johnson   I walked a different way home. I’d read something in a magazine about taking baby steps away from a destructive relationship. Up till now, I’d stayed with Sam, fearful of leaving the security of a house, the familiar objects that surrounded me. Our last row convinced me I needed to act. … Continue reading Moving On

Misty Night

by Sue Johnson   It was a night like this when Megan disappeared ten years ago. The path and the skeletal trees looked as if they’d been dipped in sugar frosting. White mist rose and swirled like ghosts across the water meadows. I stood at one end of the bridge and gazed down at the … Continue reading Misty Night

Stained Glass

by Sue Johnson   Alice planned to give the stained glass panel to her mother for her 80th birthday in March. At the moment, it was a pile of fragments of coloured glass – gold, apricot, lavender and raspberry. The other group members who had done the course before were miles ahead of Alice. The … Continue reading Stained Glass