Burn Bright

by Megan Russo   The park was on the edge of the town, far from any curious passersby, but close enough to be able to see the faint outlines of the illuminated buildings in the distance. Jen was silent, annoyed that she had been crowded in the back of a van next to her mother, … Continue reading Burn Bright


by Megan Russo   Tate struggled to wrangle the two children running laps around his legs. He snorted before looking up and seeing how serious the older man looked. “I don’t think I understand.” “My mother, she left everything to you. She wanted you to leave Denise and come home.” “I’m not welcome—” “The family … Continue reading Homecoming

April 5th

by Megan Russo   He was seated on the handle bars. Marcus stared at the back of Theo’s head as they rode home. Theo held tight as Marcus peddled through the second to last intersection before their street. It was sunny, but everything around was a flat grey color. Theo turned to him, and Marcus … Continue reading April 5th