by Luke Worthington “Hey, I got an email that my order arrived.” “Name?” the attendant asked disinterestedly. He told her. She typed it in and went back to look. He shifted uncomfortably as he waited. Doubts steamrolled his mind. He considered walking out. He didn’t. María would love it. She had wanted to read this … Continue reading Doubts


by Luke Worthington   Rach gazed up at the stars. They were much clearer out here in the country. Even just an hour's walk out of the little town, you could see them so much better without the light pollution. The sky seemed so open, so bright. It made her feel so free. The opposite … Continue reading Home


by Luke Worthington   Luke sat anxiously over his phone. Come on. She was already nine minutes late. No message. She hadn’t even been online. He was panicking. He tried to tell himself that it was just nerves. Relax. They just hadn’t spoken in a while but she wanted to speak to him too, he knew … Continue reading Waiting