Hirk’s World

by Bill Cox   Excerpt from the “Rough Guide to the Human Galaxy”, 2480 AD edition. The third planet of the Wolf 359 system was christened “Hirk’s World” by the people that settled there. It was colonised by members of the Church of the Holy Decalogue, an offshoot of the Christian faith with a strong … Continue reading Hirk’s World

Lost Souls

by Bill Cox “Clean-up on aisle five,” said the soft feminine voice over the tannoy. Jacob made his way slowly round to aisle five: jams, spreads, and sauces, as it turned out. Halfway up the aisle, lying on the polished floor, was a decapitated body. Jacob walked slowly up the aisle, past the marmalades and … Continue reading Lost Souls


by Bill Cox I watch the Caesium atoms oscillate, counting the cycles of radiation as the atoms transition between energy levels. As I approach a count of nine billion, I know the moment is near. In the gap between yoctoseconds I delve into my deep memory stores. It is some time since I have reached … Continue reading Fireworks


by Bill Cox “It’s been four days.” I looked into the eyes of the Spanish police officer across from me. “Can you give us any guidance on where you were walking?” I couldn’t. The walk had been unplanned, an afternoon’s jaunt out into the National Park. We didn’t even take a map with us. I’d … Continue reading Sacrifices


by Bill Cox I used to come out here a lot as a teenager. We would hang around the golf course, laughing, joking and flirting as we watched the lights of the town in the distance. Robbie Driscoll would drive us out here in his dad’s Jaguar, always worried that we’d mess the car up. … Continue reading Possibilities

The Crossing

by Bill Cox   “Take cover!” Juana whispered. She hunkered down, trying to flatten herself as far as possible into the dusty ground. Several yards away to her left she could see her younger brother Alejandro doing the same, an invisible gravity squashing him into the curvature of the earth. The drone approached their prone forms … Continue reading The Crossing