by Belinda Brady   I’m collecting firewood out in the yard when I spot him, though I don’t see him until I’m practically on top of him. I stop dead in my tracks. He stays frozen to the spot, right by my fence, pretending not to see me. I stand there, firewood in hand, and … Continue reading Even

Two Minds: Her

by Belinda Brady   She knew something wasn’t right around six months ago. It was a gradual change, but she knew something was off. She had changed; her moods were all over the place. Happy one minute, biting someone’s head off the next. A naturally upbeat, positive person, this new ‘her’ was a total stranger, … Continue reading Two Minds: Her

Just You and Me

by Belinda Brady   Lily watched her husband Brett in silence. He was not aware she was there, but that’s how she wanted it. She had been watching him since it happened the day before. Watching to see how he was handling the news. Watching to see if he was missing her. Watching to see if … Continue reading Just You and Me


by Belinda Brady   The music was a dull thud at first. Then it got louder and louder. Ellie felt as though she was coming out of a thick fog as she felt each beat of the music. She slowly started to become aware of the environment around her. Bright fluorescent lights. Girls gossiping. A … Continue reading Ellie