Eton Mess

by Angela Wright The disaster happened as we were about to have our dessert. I suppose I should have warned the waitress. Uncle Josh in the full flow of a well polished anecdote was a health and safety issue, with his expressive and expansive use of his arms and hands. ‘And you probably won’t believe … Continue reading Eton Mess

The Crown

by Angela Wright The shop bell chimed. The moment I set one tentative foot through the door an obsequious manager swooped down on me. He was elderly, running to fat, and squeezed into a tight suit. I noticed that his neck overhung his collar. He soon assessed me as being too shabby and poor-looking for … Continue reading The Crown


by Angela Wright   I never really wanted to marry Prince Charming, and have to admit to feelings of annoyance and discomfiture when the glass slipper fitted my petite and well shaped foot. Although it was highly amusing to watch my ugly stepsisters try to squeeze their huge bunioned tootsies into the slippers, part of … Continue reading Cinders


by Angela Wright   I think my luck may have run out at last. I feel a trickle of cold sweat down my spine and my old ticker bangs alarmingly in my chest. My tongue sticks to the roof of my dry mouth. I am eighty-five and have been playing the ‘old card’ for several … Continue reading Impunity

Payback Time

by Angela Wright   She checks the address on the crumpled piece of paper. So this is where he lives. She gazes up at the house, lit only by the street light, which casts dark shadows on the elegant façade. No lights on in the windows, so nobody home yet. Quite a sizeable place, so … Continue reading Payback Time

The Truth

by Angela Wright   Facing his wife Isabel’s sullen scowl as he flopped down exhausted into the armchair, he felt his defences slipping. The nature of his work was supposed to be kept secret, but it had been a long gruelling day. Isabel had had many lonely hours to work herself up into a state … Continue reading The Truth

Dusty Tap Shoes

by Angela Wright   Their separation was supposed to be temporary. Daniel explained that it was a chance to take stock, to re-evaluate their relationship. Lucy did not understand what he meant, but reluctantly agreed anyway. It was soon evident to her that it was heading swiftly towards permanency. Firstly there was the pink car … Continue reading Dusty Tap Shoes