Glittering Night Sky

by May Belle Inksmith


As she leaned against the post, she gazed up into the sky.

The lights of a city were visible in the distance but she was focused on the sky.

She turned on a flashlight and shone it up into the stars. She wondered how far its light could reach. If someone lived up there, could they see the light shining?

She had wondered that since she was a child. She’d visited this place with them frequently back then, but she hadn’t been back in a while, not since it happened.

Why did she come back? Well, maybe she missed them. But revisiting memories of the place where they used to stare up at the stars in amazement together wouldn’t change anything, would it?

But still… the night sky was pretty.

She thought that it was probably a stretch, but even so she hoped that they were looking at this world from those brilliant stars.

Maybe it was time to leave.

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