May 2018

May is National Share-a-Story Month!

This annual celebration of the power of storytelling and story sharing is intended to bring children and books together, as well as to encourage the formation of parents’ and children’s book clubs.

But everyone has a favorite story or book, regardless of whether they have kids.

This month, use your favorite story as inspiration. Focus on a moment of action, and use it to allude to what has happened before the narration started or will happen after it ends. Or consider what comes before, the tense moment of anticipation before something happens − like your grandmother’s mouth widening into a toothy, sharp grin entirely unlike her own.

Take it somewhere dark, like Angela Carter. Take it somewhere else, to another time or place. Tell it from the perspective of a bystander.

But whatever you do, enjoy the telling.


That Cinderella Moment by Sue Johnson

Kisses by Ray Wright

Prisoners of Mars by Bill Cox

Cinders by Angela Wright

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