Faith in the Light

by Denise Bonham


It’s a dark, misty, gloomy night, and I am in big trouble, running for my life. The enforcers are not too far behind me.

I can hear them approaching, getting closer and closer. I turn into a quiet looking road. I start to run down it. The mist is swirling around me and it is very dark, apart from one lamp shining so brightly that it stops me in my tracks as I stand there, staring blindingly up into the eerie white light.

I can hear them still getting closer and closer, and yet still I can’t move; I am rooted to the spot, held by the steady beam of gleaming light. My thoughts are all jumbled up. Do I want to get caught? They will certainly kill me if I stay here much longer. I am so tired. So tired of fighting and resisting. All the hunger, misery and death. Loved ones disappearing, taken by the state. I am sick of it all. If I get caught all that will end, and I will be at peace finally. Then I remember why I am fighting and for whom I keep going. My daughters and Harry are my life. Resistance is not futile. I must keep going, but still the light keeps me from moving away. I am caught in its snare.

Now I can hear shooting coming from back down the road and around the corner. They must have got some of our group. Over to my right someone is calling my name.

“Faith, please come on now, come with me please. It’s time to leave − they will be here soon.”

I still can’t move. The voice gets louder and I realise that the voice belongs to my gorgeous Harry. How long will it be before I lose him, I wonder? I have already lost my parents and siblings to our cause. The blood of war is on my hands and won’t wash off. I need it to stop.

How many people will lose their lives in retaliation for what happened today? How much more innocent blood will run down roads like the one I am standing on? I can hear Harry calling my name over and over again. Finally he gets desperate and throws a brick.

Suddenly I hear a bang that shatters the light bulb, and finally I am released from its hypnotic spell with a sudden rush of emotion. Harry grabs my arm and pulls me towards him. We embrace.

“Come with me now, please Faith − we have to go.”

I slowly lift my eyes and look at him. This always takes my breath away and now is no exception.

“The real light lies at home with Hope and Charity. Let’s go.”

We run off into the dark together, making our way silently and quickly back home to our sanctuary and life. To the only light that really matters are Hope and Charity, our daughters, who are waiting for us.

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